How to Change Language in Visual Studio: THE Quick Guide

Language Pack Changing the language in Visual Studio has never been easier. Thanks to the integrated Language Packs, selecting a new language is possible with a few simple steps, even after the software has been installed. This quick guide will show you how to update the language in Visual Studio in just 5 steps. How to Change Language in Visual Studio Are you ready to customize your programming experience in Visual Studio?

Unit Test: Internal Type versus public

In this post, I’d like to explain how to use the internal type instead of public during the test phase. I don’t spent a lot of words, so I share you the inital point. In your solution, you have two projects: MyIdea MyIdea.Test Is it simple? YES! Internal vs Public In “MyIdea” you have the full logic on your project. In the following lines, you can see a fake class

How to UNLOCK your Terraform State

How to UNLOCK your Terraform State If you are working with Terraform, you must know this tip because he can UNLOCK your business. Yesterday, I ran the terraform plan but It didn’t work. The reason was a tfstate LOCK. The question was only one: what can I do now? The answer is very simple! terraform plan –var-file=dev.tfvars Are you ready? ⬇️ Error message 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 │ Error: Error acquiring the state lock │ │ Error message: state blob is already locked │ Lock Info: │ ID: 14d1cd10-6dcb-1e7f-a769-f0c8ad082546 │ Path: tfstate/terraform.

PasswordGeneratorHelper - NuGET

PasswordGeneratorHelper What’s PasswordGeneratorHelper? Password Generator Helper - Do you need one or more RANDOM PASSWORD? This NuGET can help you! During the last weekend, I released a new NuGET. This NuGET can help you when you need a random password. I wrote the code with netstandard2.1, so you can add this NuGET in your project without problems. How To Install If you want to use PasswordGeneratorHelper inside your application, you can only add the nuget in your project.

SwitchyLinkGenerator - Unofficial Nuget for

SwitchyLinkGenerator What’s SwitchyLinkGenerator? - Unofficial API for links Generator In the last days, I wrote this component for myself and today -after some test- I’m releasing it on Nuget. If you use, you can generate short links from classic links. This component help you in this process. How To Use 1 PM> Install-Package SwitchyLinkGenerator In this example, I’m using this component in an Azure Function with NETCore 3.